DIRECT BILLING: We process claims directly to the majority of insurance companies providing Employee Extended Benefits plans. We will do our best to maximize available coverages, and assist you where needed in order to make your claims processing as easy as possible.

Please be prepared to pay for the full amount of your treatment should there be any technical issues with regards to completion of the claims submission process, such as “Further Processing required”. NOTE: A valid credit card on file is required for all clients wishing to have their claims processed thru the office, including ICBC claims.


$90.00  Initial Assessment

$90.00  Re-Assessment (after 3 months since last visit)

$90.00  Standard Follow-up Visit

$160.00 Extended Follow-up Visit / Pelvic Health Visit

** Shockwave Treatment has an additional $10.00 added to the treatment cost **

ICBC Initial Assessment Fee: No fees apply to the initial assessment for an approved ICBC claim.

ICBC Subsequent Treatment: User pays remaining portion not billed to ICBC. New guidelines pre-approve 25 treatments from the date of accident to be completed within the first 12 weeks.

WorksafeBC: WorksafeBC claims are currently not accepted at our office at this time, as we are unable to satisfy the frequency requirement for continued care.

Registered Massage Therapy

$120.00*  60-minute Appointment

*Prices include GST if applicable (ie. MSP is non-taxable)

ICBC Fee: ICBC covers $85.00 + GST for each Massage Therapy treatment. The remaining portion is the responsibility of the patient. As of April 1, 2021, clients are pre-approved for 12 massage sessions within the first 12 weeks from the date of accident.

WorksafeBC: WorksafeBC claims for Massage Therapy treatment are not accepted at our office at this time. Full treatment rates apply for all sessions. Please discuss reimbursement with your case manager.